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Inspire growth and positive development.  Promote change within diverse communities and global contexts.  Achieve stronger interpersonal, family and work relationships.  Click here

Why Human Development & Family Studies?

We are a program of study, for both graduate and undergraduate students, addressing the needs of children, adults and families across the life course. We do more than just work with people…we make a difference in people’s lives.

Work with people in the real world

You won’t just read about the world - you’ll go out and make a difference.

  • Family & community services
  • Legislative advocacy
  • Non-profit administration
  • Counseling
  • Family law
  • Early childhood education
  • Disabilities and early intervention


Contact Us

If you would like more information about any of our programs, please contact us at, or call us at 302-831-6500.



Cassie Gonce (2009 B.S., Human Services) is conducting research to determine the level to which trained therapy dogs are able to recognize feelings of anxiety, loneliness and/or illness among patients with cancer in a waiting room setting.” Click here to view the article "Pets that pacify" in UDaily, 10/23/14.

Graduate Open House - Nov. 12, 2014. 6:00 pm. Room 007 Willard Hall Education Building. Learn moore about graduate programs. Click Here to for more information.

Dr. Bahira Sherif Trask recently participated in a radio interview regarding global aging issues. The podcast for this interview can be accessed at: or

Prof. Steven M. Eidelman was featured in WalletHub’s recent study examining 2014's Best & Worst Cities for People with Disabilities. You can see the link here:

Staci Perlman, assistant professor with a joint appointment in the Department of Human Development and Family Studies and the Delaware Education Research and Development Center, was presented with a citation from the City Council of Philadelphia in April for her work on behalf of children and families experiencing homelessness. Perlman has partnered with the People’s Emergency Center in West Philadelphia to examine the extent of homelessness in children and build evidence for parenting interventions targeting mothers of young children experiencing homelessness and for exploration of prenatal care among pregnant women experiencing homelessness to improve their outcomes.  UDaily, For the Record 4/25/14.

On Feb. 14, Dr. Bahira Trask will present “Perspectives on Work-Family Balance and Global Transformations” during a United Nations panel discussion on Global Perspectives on Family Well-Being: Work-Family and Intergenerational Issues Reconsidered. UDaily 2/11/14

Bahira Sherif Trask, professor of human development and family studies, has written a book, Women, Work, and Globalization. The book explores women’s gender roles as they participate in the global labor market and discusses global initiatives that assist women in balancing work and family responsibilities while decreasing their vulnerabilities.  UDaily, For the Record, 12/6/13

Ellie Tunison, ECE major and intern in the Prekindergarten Reading Encouragement Project (PREP) offers a monthly reading guide aimed at supporting literacy at home. Tunison said she hopes to make a difference in childhood literacy.  UDaily 11/22/13.

Steven M. Eidelman, H. Rodney Sharp Professor of Human Services Policy and Leadership, was invited to speak at The Kennedy Forum during the plenary panel, examining how President Kennedy’s initiative helped serve people with mental disabilities and how the “lessons learned” can be applied to future efforts. UDaily 11/21/13

Staci Perlman, assistant professor in the University of Delaware’s College of Education and Human Development, has partnered with Joe Willard, vice president of policy at the People's Emergency Center in West Philadelphia, to examine the extent of homelessness in children with the intention of identifying interventions that could be implemented to improve their outcomes. UDaily 11/18/13

Dr. Bahira Sherif Trask and Dr. Barbara Settles, professors in the Department of Human Development & Family Studies, organized a conference in Annapolis, Md., in June for the National Family Science Association. The conference provided attendees from human development and family studies departments across the country the opportunity to discuss the skills students need to make them competitive, while making a positive change in society. Also discussed was the impact of globalization and diversity on U.S. society and why the changes were happening so rapidly. Recent graduates and CEHD students were invited to present, including doctoral students Amanda Rich, Nikki DiGregorio, Juana Gavria, Laura Finan and Megan Barolet-Fogarty, and recent Ph.D. graduates Bethany Willis Hepp and Karen Mancini. UDaily, For the Record 9/20/13.

The “First Step” competition is for undergraduate students to create innovative solutions to today’s healthcare challenges. CHS will fund the top 20 projects and in late April, the students will present posters at a symposium. The top 3 projects at the symposium will win awards. Click here to view the flyer or go to for more information.  Posted 9/12/2013

HDFS Events

Fall Semester 2014

November 12 - Graduate Open House

November 22 - HDFS Colloquium- Dr. Bernhard Nauck - Click Here for more information


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