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There are a number of opportunities for HDFS undergraduate and graduate students to be honored for their scholarship and service completed during their time at the University of Delaware. More information about Department-level, College-level, and University-level awards and scholarships can be found at the links below, as well as other opportunities for funding.

There are several HDFS Department Award and Scholarships that students can apply for directly. Please note that the deadline for applications is March 15 with the exception of the Julie Mapes Wilgen Award in Human Sexuality & Gender Studies which has a deadline of January 25th.
Click here for HDFS Awards and Scholarship Application

There are also College-level and University-level awards that students can apply for directly. Please follow the link for more information as well as due dates.

There are some awards/honors for which you may be nominated by a faculty member. More information may be found here.

There are also other opportunities for funding and/or scholarship, such as for travel or research. 

Are you proud of a paper and/or poster you did for a class last year? Consider submitting it to the Marion H. Steele Symposium for a possible award! The department deadline for award consideration for the Steele Symposium is March 15th

Previous Recipients of awards, honors and scholarships

A list of students who were previous recipients of awards, honors, and scholarships may be found here.

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